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France2 (France), AB Distribution

October the 3rd, 1980: a bomb explodes in front of the Copernic Street synagogue in Paris, where hundreds of people are praying, killing four and leaving tens of people wounded. The explosion, set off earlier than the authors had expected, spared some: the carnage could have been even worse. The collective memory remembers the unfortunate words of Raymond Barre, Prime Minister at the time, who deplored that the attack was committed on “innocent French”.

Thousands of Parisians demonstrate against the Far Right Party, suspected of having organized the bombing. Later it will be known that the crime was executed by an extremist Palestinian group. The explosion marks a turning point: France is now a hostage in the Middle Eastern conflicts.

Today, justice is back to marching order. One of the suspects has been found in Canada. History is back in the move. All the players of this dramatic event: perpetrators, victims and investigators are now confronted to each other, after too long a silence.