My role: Camera operator

Nobody is a tragicomic character. Wearing a raincoat and a creased Panama hat, addict to his laptop and his cell phone, always hurried and paranoiac, he is permanently looking for something. Sometimes he is a filmmaker prone to doubt and melancholy, directing actors in unlikely scenes. Sometimes he is a mythic police detective who tries to solve a paradoxical mystery: a robbery is committed at a banker crook’s burial… Crushed by the weight of memories from the two World Wars, by the prevailing cynicism and by existential issues, Nobody carries on nonetheless a quest for love and happiness.

Jury Prize for outstending directing at Blow-Up Film Festival

Selected at International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Berlin 2016, Los Angeles Cine Fes, Haida Gwaï Film Festival, Musée de Cinématographie in Lodz, Musée de L’Eternelle in Paris