My role: Camera/Sound operator

A documentary to tell the story of the last Pope of the sport, his metamorphosis from a champion of the ring to a champion of the people, his ability to become a media personality, to be social, to take selfies when they did not exist yet.

The documentary features interviews with those who knew him, photographed him, hung out with him, fought with him (from his second wife, Khalilah Ali, to his last wife, Lonnie Williams Ali, from Furio Colombo to Andrea Bocelli, from Oliviero Toscani to Kobe Bryant, from Gianni Minà to the actor Franco Nero) and with those who celebrate him today, writers and intellectuals, as unique. Clay was his own public-relations man. But how and why did a young boy from Kentucky, son of a painter and a cook, with a white management, choose to become a Muslim in America? It was a more political, culture-breaking choice than a religious one. What did it mean to him and what does it mean today? A journey into Ali’s strength, his way of fighting in and out of the ring, and how no one replicates his example today.

Duration; 68 minutes