My role: Fixer, additional camera


Fierce Earth is a science series taking CBBC viewers on a journey to experience the true power of planet Earth.

Fusing archive footage, experiments, experts and personal stories, each episode explores an incredible and awesome natural phenomenon.

From hurricanes to earthquakes, from tsunamis to lightning strikes, Fierce Earth will show children what it would be like to experience some of nature’s most destructive forces.

Shot on location, the Fierce Earth team travel the globe to tell the stories and science behind a series of extreme weathers and natural events, portraying their excitement without losing sight of their danger and the devastation they can cause.

Amongst the jaw-dropping footage, amazing experiments and compelling, life-changing stories each episode is also crammed with incredible facts and trivia.

The Fierce Earth expert presenters are top climber and adventurer Leo Houlding who is the show’s ‘have a go’ expert, meteorologist Clare Nasir, storm chaser Mike Theiss, ‘Dr Volcano’ Dougal Jerram, and ecologist and anthropologist Zoe Palmer.

On today’s Fierce Earth, entitled Hurricanes, the team encounters the most feared event in weather – the hurricane. Florida-based Stormchaser Mike takes us on a wild ride into the eye of the storm; we meet three childhood friends, who had their lives turned upside down when Hurricane Ike struck their homes in Texas; Leo is challenged to take hurricane force winds head on and Zoe learns how we’re designing buildings to cope with their awesome force.