My role: Camera operator

By Annie Zadek, 2019 performance

Reading-projection, approx. 40 min

How to stage the Rimbaldian “I am another”, the “I am (also) another”? How to represent the seemingly erratic links of language and thought? I will attempt to establish an authentic dialogue between the voice-over of the soundtrack and the voice in of the author on stage as paintings, texts, photos, videos, films… silent images appear on the screen, as the “piece” progresses, like mental projections on the edge of the subliminal. Contemporary. A spoken film will thus be the place to experiment with a text-images-voice coupling that would emerge as much from a speaker’s presentation accompanied by a slide show, as from simultaneous translation, film subtitling, without forgetting the commentary on the photos in the family album.

Le Fresnoy – National Studio of Contemporary Arts is a French institution for artistic, audiovisual and digital training, production and distribution. It was founded in October 1997 in Tourcoing. The objective of the National Studio is to allow young creators, coming from all over the world, to realize works with professional technical means and in a wide decompartmentalization of the different means of expression. The field of work, theoretical and practical, is that of all audiovisual languages on traditional, silver and electronic media (photography, cinema and video) as well as on those of digital creation. onal adaptations of the program have been produced.