Le jardin de pierres de Tibhirine by Gilles Cayatte - 52’ 2010


France 5 (France)

The stone garden of Tibhirine

In the night of the 26th of March 1996, seven of the nine monks from the Tibhirine’s monastery were kidnapped by a group claiming to represent the Armed Islamic Group (GIA). They were brother Bruno Lemarchand, brother Michel Fleury, brother Célestin Ringeard, brother Christian de Chergé, brother Paul Favre-Miville, brother Christophe Lebreton and brother Luc Dochier. Two months later, the head without bodies of the seven hostages were found near to Medea by a farmer. Fourteen years after this tragedy, we want to understand why, for a certain reasons of state, the seven monks whose remains are burried in the stone garden of the Tibhirine’s monastery, were abondonned to their fate.