Concealed by Shane T. Hall - 105’ 2009


Produced by New Thought Productions (Australia) – DoP Oliver Lawrance. Cast includes Simon Lyndon, Paul Tassone, Denise Roberts, Joanne Priest, Yalin Ozucelik

“Concealed is a fast paced dramatic thriller that coalesces complex characters and a driving narrative. The intention was to create a film that kept audiences on the edge of their seat with characters that are whole and whom they would care for. I was finding that most thrillers were simply ignoring character for plot and in the most part, these films were becoming unsatisfying. The more an audience cares for a character the more suspenseful the action will be. On top of this core ideal for the film, I wanted to ensure we move to an ending that is surprising yet inevitable (the paradox that I believe behests good drama) which ultimately draws the lead character’s internal and external journeys to an ending unlike any other.”